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Self-Service Access ManagementMade Simple

The Challenge

The rapid digital transformation of organizations, along with the rise in multi-cloud computing environments and remote work trends, has made traditional network perimeter security outdated. Employees and partners now access corporate data and applications through a diverse array of devices and networks, both private and business-owned.

Security policies are shifting to a new paradigm, where security teams need to secure the access to diverse end points. Employees in organizations need access to various groups, applications, and sites to perform their job.

Managing this access is challenging, as requirements change - new applications are added or users need additional access rights. Enterprise organizations often face challenges when managing employee access to resources such as:

• Users may not know what access they should have, and even if they do, they may have difficulty locating the right individuals to approve their access.

• Once users find and receive access to a resource, they may hold on to access longer than is required for business purposes.

This scenario gets more complicated when you collaborate with outside organizations - you may not know who in the other organization needs access to your resources, and they won’t know what applications, groups, or sites your organization is using.

The Solution

Siaraa Entitlements Management is a self-service module to help a user manage their entitlements by verifying different access rights, whether it is group memberships and/or access permissions

The owner can easily review what entitlements they own before they expire and update the entitlement catalog properties through the UI. Entitlements’ review can be performed either for single or bulk entitlements with appropriate validations.

The solution is flexible, scalable and integrates seamlessly with business organization.

Siaraa Entitlements Management self-service portal provides a full spectrum visibility of owned entitlements to software applications, using a single glass of pane and eliminating human-error

Key Benefits

Siaraa Entitlements Management self-service offers organizations safety and compliance. It serves a key role in an authentication, authorization, and access control application security model, as it authorizes users and confirms what they have, what they can see and what they can do.

Entitlements Management also makes licensing and entitlement management

technology key to protecting the intellectual property of IoT connected devices, ensuring the integrity, safety and reliability of cyber-enabled processes.

Finally, Entitlements Management can greatly benefit organizations, as it can reduce costs, improve quality of service and make products or services available for customers to use in as many ways as possible.

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